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Pismo Beach, CA


The definitive Festival Series for the Sparkling Wine and Champagne obsessed is currently the only dedicated festival of its type in the United States. Held in 3 cities across California, Bubblyfest Festival Series consists of Pop-Up Events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and a 3-Day Main Event in Pismo Beach, California.

Friday Seminar Series

Friday, October 6, 2017, 1:00 PM-5:00 PM | The Beach House, Avila Beach Golf Resort


Join us for a Seminar Series featuring a distinctive panel of winemakers and industry insiders covering in-depth topics focused on sparkling wine production, style, and a look into future trends.

This years seminar topics will include an all-star panel of women in bubbly; a collaborative panel of winemakers, sommeliers, and wine educators discussing the oft overlooked sparkling wines from Germany, England, Spain, and Italy; and finally, an interactive and entertaining Sensory Evaluation and Seminar!

Included in Connoisseur and Weekend VIP Packages/ Ala Carte Price $60 Includes Tastings and Light Snacks.

Panel Topics

#1 Women in Sparkling Wine: Madame Cliquot was a pioneer among women in the wine industry, and several generations later, women are still on top in the sparkling wine game. We'll learn from, and get inspired by our all female panel: Tawnya Faulkner, Owner and Winemaker for Le Grande Courtage; Clarissa Nagy, Winemaker for Riverbench Winery; and Sylvie Tannhauser, Sommelier and Certified Champagne Educator. 

#2 Discovering Franciacorta: Like Crémants in France, Franciacorta exists slightly below the radar in the sparkling wine world. But it is gaining plaudits among critics and is often described as Italy’s answer to Champagne. Wine Educator, Laura Donadoni will lead you through a focused tasting of 5 Franciacorta wines. 

Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, Laura Donadoni was born and bred on classic Italian wine and food. Her career started as a columnist and wine reporter for several prestigious Italian magazines such as Gambero Rosso. Upon moving to the U.S., she translated her passion into The Italian Wine Girl blog and shortly after that founded LA COM Wine Agency, a strategic communications firm focused on travel, food, and of course, wine. Laura is a certified Silver Pin Sommelier with the North American Sommelier association and the Italian Sommelier Association; a certified wine educator and wine taster; a certified Italian and Spanish Wine Specialist; and a member of the Los Angeles Wine Writers Association. Most recently Laura Donadoni is U.S. brand ambassador for Franciacorta, Italy's most prestigious sparkling wine region.



#3 Beyond Champagne| Celebrating Sparkling Wines from around the world: With so much focus on champagne in the world of sparkling wine, many regions can get overlooked and underdrunk. Learn and discuss the back story on these regions from our distinguished panel while you explore Sekt,  Lambrusco, Espumonte, and British Fizz.  Speakers: Tawnya Faulkner, Owner and Winemaker for Le Grande Courtage; Clarissa Nagy, Winemaker for Riverbench Winery; Sylvie Tannhauser, Sommelier and Certified Champagne Educator; and Chris Blanchard, Master Sommelier. 

#3 Sensory Evaluation & Seminar: Put your knowledge and palate to the test! Think you can taste the difference between a Sekt and a Champagne? Old World versus New World? Amaze yourself as we take you through this interactive and educational tasting!