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Pismo Beach, CA


The definitive Festival Series for the Sparkling Wine and Champagne obsessed is currently the only dedicated festival of its type in the United States. Held in 3 cities across California, Bubblyfest Festival Series consists of Pop-Up Events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and a 3-Day Main Event in Pismo Beach, California.

8 Things you probably didn't know about bubbly.

The Bubbly Blog

8 Things you probably didn't know about bubbly.

Holly Holliday

A glass of bubbly encompasses so many images; wealth, elegance, whimsy, Jay-Z, and is the one libation totally acceptable to drink first thing in the morning without fear of an intervention. But how much do you really know about bubbly water? We bet you didn't know that the psi of a bottle of Champagne is about the same as a double decker bus in London (that's 3 times the psi of your car's tire, whoa.)! We grabbed 8 more fun facts about bubbly to throw at you, as we drink a glass of bubbly. Bubbly blogging, class is in session. 

1. It's all about size. There are about 49 million bubbles in a standard size bottle of bubbles. The higher quality sparklings and champagnes are chosen by the size of their bubbles. The best bottles boast thinner and finer bubbles than their lower quality cousins. 

2. Don't call it Champagne. Unless, of course it is. It's popular to intermix the words Sparkling Wine and Champagne. However, not all Sparkling Wine is Champagne. The only Sparkling Wines given the designate of Champagne are those wines grown and produced in the Champagne Valley of France. The region is so protective of the designation, that they employ legal teams who do nothing but seek out impostors. 

Sparkling Wine has many names depending on their regions of production; for example Cavas are from Spain, Cremant is from the non-Champagne regions of France, Sekt is German Sparkling Wine, and Prosecco is made in Italy. 

3. Sparkling Wine was a happy accident. Picture this, early 1600's France; new wine was created called vin gris. The people all over the land loved this new wine, and soon it was shipped out all over France to be enjoyed. However, during shipping certain bottles underwent an unplanned secondary fermentation creating what we know now to be sparkling wine. It took a super hip monk by the name of Dom Perignon to discover a deliberate way to capture those bubbles. The rest is delicious history. 

4. You don't need a flute. Actually, respected Wine Somms suggest and prefer their bubbles in a white wine glass. A white wine glass allows for room for your nose to get in the glass and fully appreciate the aromas of sparkling wines. Flutes were created primarily in the 1700's as a way to present the bubbles at their fullest. Sparkling Wines in the 1700's weren't as bubbly as the bubbly of today. We suggest a simple white wine glass, or retro champagne coup glass. (Which, rumor has it the mold was shaped by Marie Antoinette's breasts. Naughty!)

5. Speaking of cool ladies, Marilyn Monroe once bathed in champagne. According to her biographer, Ms. Monroe once filled her tub with 350 bottles of champagne. She was also known to start her day with a glass of Piper-Heidsieck Champage. Life goals. 

6. The Jay-Z Effect. Marketing surveys have shown that lovers of hip-hop, rap and R & B, are 94% more likely to drink Champagne than the average person.  

7. Chill it right. While the most common sense storage strategy is to store your extra bubbles in the fridge, it's just too cold. Most refrigerators hover around 35 degrees, while sparkling wines should be stored in a dark storage at about 50-55 degrees. Served chilled between 43-48 degrees for best results.  

8. Champagne and Potato Chips need to be a thing. Fact: Salty food and Champagne are totally perfect for each other. Try it next time, thank me later. In fact, Sparkling Wines are the most versatile wines for food pairing beyond oysters and strawberries. Bruts pair beautifully with everything from cheese to tomato based and spicy dishes. Rose Sparkling Wines have a lot of body, and do very well with lamb dishes. Shameless plug, check out our All Sparkling Dinner to kick off Bubblyfest, we'll be pairing the unexpected and blowing your mind.